Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cupcakes with Pudding in the middle


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This week is getting crazier as it goes on.  Prom is this weekend and we are soooooo busy right now.  We had the final dress fitting on Saturday, Hair appointment is this Saturday and then since she will have her hair all pretty we are going to do more senior pictures in her prom dress.  Later more group pictures before she goes to eat.  And finally we are going to head over to the dance for the crowning of the Prom Queen.  Since Cally has made court we are able to go into the dance and watch........ it is an exciting time around our house right now.  Here is a sneak peek of Cally in her dress at the dress shop on Saturday.  More pictures to come.......

And with all this going on we are trying to get the house ready for the graduation party.  We have grass growing in the area where the pool use to be, the porch has been remodeled and is ready to paint so now we are going to start on the inside painting and putting tile up in the kitchen, moving my home office into the living room and lots and lots of cleaning and washing.  It will be nice though to have all this work done at the beginning of summer so we can relax and enjoy to time we have before the kids both move out.

So needless to say, these cupcakes were fast and easy.  I used a box cake mix, can icing and instant pudding.  Of course you can make your favorite homemade cupcakes and icing and I am sure they would really be delicious.  So here is how I did the cupcakes as I did not have any recipe to give you.

Cally gave me this plunger as a gift.  You insert it down to the first line on the plunger for standard cupcakes.  Twist it and then pull out the center.  Then you just use the plunger handle to push out the cupcake center.

Next just fill the cupcakes with pudding and then put the cupcake center back on the top.

Finally ice the cupcakes and enjoy!