Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steak Burrito Bowl


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This is my version of Chipotle's Steak Burrito Bowl.  We have gone from snow to unseasonably warm.  Last night we grilled out steaks.  I bought a cut of steak that we had not had before, Chuck Eye Center Eye Steak boneless.  Bill said he thought they were going to be tough.  So to tenderize them some I sprinkled McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning.  I put the steaks on the grill and rubbed the tops with the seasoning, let them cook for a bit and then flipped and put more seasoning on the flipped side.  They smelled heavenly cooking on the grill.  The steaks were really good.  I had grilled them until they were just a little red in the center.

While eating Cally and I decided that the steak reminded us of the steak that is in the Chipotle's Burrito Bowl.  I had a couple steaks left over after eating and decided I was going to experiment with making my own version of the Steak Burrito Bowl.

I put these bowls together for Bill and I for supper tonight and they were lip smacking good!!!  I just used minute rice and flavored it with half a juice of lime and sea salt.  The rice was nice and tangy.  The pinto beans I bought in a can and just had to warm.  I then cut up the left over steak and warmed it.  Cally had read on the Internet that Chipotle's sour cream is whipped sour cream.  I took my mixer and whipped up the sour cream until it was smooth and thin.  Bill also had salsa on his bowl.  I did not think of it but you could also add shredded lettuce and jalapenos if you prefer.  Then top it all off with cheese of your choice.

Steak Burrito Bowl
serves 4

1st Layer:
for the rice:
2 C minute rice
2 C water
1/2 lime juiced
1/2 t sea salt

Boil 2 C water.  When boiling take water off the burner and put in 2 C minute rice.  Cover and let sit for about 5 minutes or until the water is absorbed.  Juice the 1/2 lime in a separate bowl and add the 1/2 t sea salt.  Stir the lime juice around until the sea salt is dissolved.  Add the lime juice/salt mixture into the rice and fluff with a fork.

2nd Layer:
Pinto Beans
I used 2 (19.75 oz) cans La Costena Whole Pinto Beans, warm the beans, drain and add them on top of the rice.

3rd Layer
I used my left over steak.  About 4 to 5 oz per bowl.

4th Layer and 5th Layers
Whipped Sour Cream and Salsa

5th Layer