Monday, January 30, 2017

Farmhouse Table Makeover


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The picture above is from the craigslist listing.  We had to take the table apart to get it home so this was the best before picture I had.

Bill and I purchased a Farmhouse Table and Chairs on Craigslist a few weeks ago.  After looking at the furniture stores for a new table and chairs we had decided we would build our own table similar to the new Island we made.  

I started looking around to purchase my table legs and found they could be quite expensive.  The thought occurred to me that we could find an old table on craigslist and be able to use the legs.  So for several days I kept checking Craigslist for new listing of tables.  One night this table and 4 chairs popped up, the listing had started 2 hours before I saw it.  For $60.00 the listing included the table and 4 chairs. 

Looking at the pictures we could tell the table was a mess with lots of scratches and dings but as long as the top was wood we figured we could sand it down and do a makeover.  I contacted the guy who was selling the table and chairs, we hit the road for an hour trip to Carlisle, Ohio and this is where the makeover begins......

In the next 2 photos, I am sanding off the old stain and getting out the deep scratches that were all over the table top.

After I had the old stain removed, Bill stained the table top with the same stain that we used on our Island top.  We have noticed that the table top is bowed up on one end so we are going to have to come up with an idea to try and level out the top.  So far the top has cleaned up nicely. 

Here is the top with the new stain.  We were pleased with how well it cleaned up and the new stain matches perfectly with our Island and the other butcher block countertops we have used in our Kitchen remodel.

The Chairs and legs are a very dark green.  I have sanded on the legs and I am going to paint them first with a white primer.  After the primer has done it's thing and covered up the old green banged up legs I will be painting them white to match my newly painted kitchen cabinets.