Thursday, February 23, 2017

Refinished Farmhouse Table and Chairs


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We are almost to the end of our Kitchen / Dinning room remodel.  Although after this we are moving right into the living room.  We have a somewhat open floor plan were all the rooms kind of flow so painting in one room makes you have to paint and do new woodwork in the other rooms.

Then Cally just put a contract on a house so we will have more remodeling to do with her.... exciting times in the Jones households!

As most of you probably already know I bought this table and 4 chairs off of Craigslist for $60.00. When we bought the table and chairs they needed a lot of tlc to get them back to being presentable.  The tabletop had big scratches in it and the chairs were all beat up on the legs and seats.

The first thing we did was sand off all the old stain from the top of the table

Next we stained and polyurethaned the tabletop

Lastly before we could put the table back together we sanded, primed and painted all the green on the tabletop edge and the legs.

The table had a little bit of a bow to it so when Bill attached the base back around the side he used a Kreg Jig so we could attach the top securely all around the edges and use pocket screws.  If you look close in the above picture you can see the slots that our pocket screws went into.  You can also still see the old green color on the inside edges.  I did not bother sanding/priming/painting the inside edge since it was not visible from the outside :)

Lastly I did the chairs while Bill was working on Painting inside and fixing the ceilings (more later on these projects) Again I first sanded and primed the chairs.  I wanted to keep the seats stained but it was going to be a real chore to get the old stain sanded off so I decided I was going to paint the chairs all one color.

Well that decision did not last long, I painted the entire top of the chair grey and then decided I did not like it at all

So I then had to re-primer all the chairs because my white paint would not cover the grey paint.  In the end I painted the back and legs white and left the seat grey.

I love my new table but it is also not big enough for family gatherings and holidays.  The table could easily seat 6 but I would like it to seat 8.  So stay tuned to see how I decide to rectify this problem... maybe a removable table top or some kind of extension??

For seating of 8 I will also have to purchase some additional chairs.  I have found this chair above on
Arhaus website.  I really like the squared off back of the chair as opposed to the rounded chairs I have and think the combination of both together would be a neat farmhouse look for any table.

I am also pondering the thought of adding a bench to my table.  I love the bench above also from Arhaus website 

I enjoy going to second hand stores and antique stores to shop for vintage doily's.  For my new farmhouse table I have put together a table runner made of vintage doily's that I have collected,

Another guilty pleasure of mine is to shop for Depression Glass.  It does not matter the color, I like Pink, Green, Blue or Yellow.  My favorite pieces are platters and cake plates.