Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bourbon & Honey Ice Cream

I found a new favorite Ice Cream!  While down in Lexington visiting Billy and Amanda they took us to a local ice cream shop and this is my version of the ice cream I had that day.

I think my version is pretty close to the original other than I do use a different bourbon in mine.

The ice cream does not get rock solid like other ice creams I have made.  It does set up and scoops out of the bowl nice after being in the freezer but it is closer to soft server. I am not sure if it did not freeze up harder because of using brown sugar or maybe honey? Using alcohol does effect the freezing some but I never had it stay this soft.  I topped my bowl off with candied pecans and caramel.... oh it was so good!  It would be good to add the nuts before freezing but if you have a family member who cannot have nuts or does not like nuts they are also good just to add on top of a single serving.

You can use your favorite bourbon in your recipe but I used Evan Williams Honey because we had recently toured Heaven Hill Distillery where Evan Williams is bottled.  So far this has been my favorite stop on the bourbon trail!

After I churn my ice cream in my Cuisinart Ice Cream maker I pour the ice cream into an air tight bowl and freeze overnight.  This helps the ice cream harden up to be able to scoop.

Bourbon & Honey Ice Cream

2 cups whipping cream
2 cups half and half
1 cup brown sugar
2 1/2 ounces bourbon
2 ounces honey (plus more to drizzle into ice cream maker)
1 tablespoon vanilla

Pour everything into a container with a lid and shake up to combine (can also put in a blender or use a mixer to combine the ingredients)  Mine was still a little grainy from the brown sugar and the honey also does not mix in well at this point.

Pour ice cream mixture into your ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacture instructions. As my ice cream was churning, every once in awhile I drizzled in some honey. For the Cuisinart I churned mine for about a half hour.  It was still pretty runny.

Pour ice cream into air tight container and freeze overnight.  The next day the ice cream can be scooped.


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