Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easy Strawberry Pie


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On Saturday I made a strawberry pie, 2 apple pies and a peanut butter sheet cake and donated them to the local fire department in which Cally is a volunteer cadet, for a spaghetti dinner they were sponsoring for a family in our community.

The fire department was holding a dinner and silent auction for Reese.  Reese is a 5 year old boy that has been hurt while on vacation snowmobiling in Michigan.  It happened Super Bowl Sunday and he has been in the hospital since it has happened.  The family has also continued to stay in Michigan with Resse so this fundraiser was to help the family of this precious little boy out.

It was awesome to see the community come together to help out a family in need.  There were so many people for dinner they had to set up tables in the hallway of the school.

The peanut butter cake recipe is here

Easy Strawberry Pie

1 graham cracker pie crust
1  16oz ready to use strawberry glaze
2 lbs strawberries, cleaned and sliced
garnish with cool whip if desired

Mix strawberries and glaze.  Put glazed strawberries in ready made graham cracker crust.  Serve with cool whip if desired.