Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cally's Graduation Party


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We made it through.  Oh what a busy and fun day it was.  We ended up with beautiful weather, could not have asked for a better day.  It was hot, near 90 degrees but we had a nice little breeze going.

All the cooking and baking went as planned.  Here is the menu that we had:

Pulled pork
Shredded Chicken
Green Beans
Hash brown potato casserole
Pasta Salad
Cheese Ball and Crackers
Fruit tray with dip
Pickles and Olives
Little Cheese Cakes
Chocolate covered Strawberries
Sweet Tea

It was all really good.  Thanks to my sister, Mom and Mother in Law for keeping all the dishes full for me!  Thanks to my Mom and Mother in Law for putting food in the roasters and bring it up to the party for me!  I kept some of the food to prepare in the roaster on Saturday morning while I gave some to my Mom and Mother in Law to get going in their roasters for me.  I had baked my cakes on Friday and iced them on Saturday morning.  They turned out just as Cally wanted.  She had a high school cake (Northwestern Warriors) a college cake (Shawnee State Bears) and then she had a little cake with fresh flowers and her graduate statue that she received as a gift from her Aunt Evelyn.  Thanks Aunt Evelyn the statue was beautiful on her cake!

I do have a dish to share with you today..... Cally and I made this Pasta Salad.  It was a hit.  It is so easy to make and on a hot day getting this out of the fridge to eat is a real treat!

Here are a few more pictures I have to show you before I leave you to go clean up and put more stuff away.

 Here are the desserts 
(my Mother in Law made the cookies and brownies ..... yummy!)

This is the buffet table (also my Mom and Dad and Niece Marley)

A shout out of thanks to our friends, Todd for supplying us with our buns and The Kaffenbarger family for allowing us to use their sheets to hang up in our garage. Greg for helping us get our chairs and the Ray family for allowing us to use their tent and games!

These are Cally's pictures, awards and accomplishments

Pasta Salad

Pasta of your choice
Red, Yellow and Orange Pepper
Block cheese cubed
Zesty Italian Salad Dressing

Boil pasta to desired tenderness.  Drain and cool.  Cut up peppers, cheese and pepperoni.  Add all together and pour Italian dressing over top.  After being in the fridge overnight, the dressing may absorb a little into the pasta so I just keep an extra bottle on hand and pour a little bit more on if needed.

I made a big batch for the party and I used 6 boxes of pasta, 6 blocks of cheese, 3 peppers, 4 bottles of dressing, 3 regular size bags of pepperoni.  You can adjust the amounts to the size dish of salad you need.