Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mini Monkey Bread


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Bill and I had a busy weekend.  Friday we went out to eat for Sweetest Day.  I bought a coupon off of for a new restaurant that we had not tried before.  We ate at the Filling Station and really enjoyed it.

On Saturday we went to a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party at my sister Dina's house.  I made snickerdoodle bars(click here for recipe) for the party and they were a big hit.  Bill and I watched our niece Marley and her friends carve their pumpkins.  We decided to opt out of the hay ride as it was too cold for me.  A lot of fun was had by all.

Today Bill and I took the Corvette out for probably our last ride of the year.  We will be putting the Corvette in storage pretty soon.  Bill took me to George Rogers Clark Park.  Even though this park is right here in Clark County I have never been back to it before.  I was surprised when we came to this beautiful lake.  The trees still looked pretty but I bet last weekend they were amazing.

Tonight for supper we had chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and biscuits   Since the kids have moved out, a roll of biscuits is too many for Bill and I.  I tried baking what I needed and putting the can back in the fridge to use another time but they go flat and do not bake up fluffy.  So tonight I came up with an idea.  I had a can of 10 biscuits.  I baked 4 of them and then took the remaining 6 and made Monkey Bread.  I love Monkey Bread, it reminds me of Pecan Sticky Rolls.  It is so easy to make.  I prepared the rolls and put them in the pan as supper was finishing up, when I took my biscuits out of the oven I then popped my Monkey Bread in.  I baked my Monkey Bread while we ate supper. Then after supper we had a nice treat.

I want to thank my Friend Shari W for my tube pan!  I love this smaller size.

Mini Monkey Bread

6 biscuits cut into 4's (a total of 24 pieces)
2 T sugar
1 t cinnamon
3 T melted butter
1/4 C brown sugar
1/4 C chopped Pecans

Grease an 8 inch tube pan.  Put pecans in the bottom of the tube pan.  Cut each biscuit into 4 pieces (for a total of 24 pieces).  Mix the sugar and cinnamon together.  Roll each biscuit in the cinnamon sugar mixture and place in the tube pan.  Melt the butter and brown sugar together and pour over the biscuit pieces.  Bake in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.  Invert pan right away onto a plate and let cool...enjoy