Friday, April 17, 2015

Homemade Vanilla


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Yum If my recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, you can bet I am adding 2 teaspoons.  I love the taste and smell of vanilla

Click Here to see the Vanilla Progress after 1 week, You will not believe the change!

Shortly after Bill and I were married his Aunt Evelyn gave me a bottle of her Homemade Vanilla extract.  From that day forward I was hooked!  The stuff you buy in the store does not compare to the homemade.

The hardest part about making the vanilla is the waiting for it to be ready.  It is super easy to make.  All you need is Vodka and vanilla beans.

Vodka is what I always use but Brandy, Bourbon or Rum will also work.  I use both cut up vanilla beans as well as whole vanilla beans and I never throw them away after making a bottle.  I think I probably have had my vanilla beans for several years now.  I put this batch in a mason jar so you could see the beans,  I usually just buy a new bottle, pour off a little  (Bill will help me with that) then throw in the beans,    Every few days I give the bottle a once over to stir it up.  After 6 to 8 weeks it is ready to use.

Homemade Vanilla

1 bottle of Vodka (or Brandy, Bourbon,Rum)
5 vanilla beans

pour off a little of the Vodka to make room in the bottle for the vanilla beans.  You can either cut them into pieces or take a knife a little ways down from each end split the bean to the goodies inside can infuse in the vodka.  Give your bottle a once over every few days and after 6 to 8 weeks your Homemade Vanilla will be ready to use.