Sunday, March 24, 2013

Homemade Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer


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Even though the calendar says it is spring we are bracing for another winter storm.  We are now under a winter storm warning and could get 5 to 10 inches of snow by tomorrow.  I am so ready for the snow to be done!  It seemed everyone in Clark County got the snow memo yesterday because when I went to the store it was packed as if it were Christmas.

Billy was home this weekend to visit.  I always like to make a big dinner for the kids when they are home.  I knew early yesterday that he would be leaving before dinner today because of the pending snow.  So yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen most of the day.  I was making cookie trays for a funeral at Church tomorrow and also making today's dinner so Billy could take it back with him and heat it up tonight.

Saturday we had Pork Loin in Gravy and for tonight Billy has a Roast, Carrots, Green beans and Mashed potatoes to heat up.  I love being able to put my roast in the crock pot covered with beef broth and carrots on low for about 8 hours.  It just falls apart and is so good.  Since I knew he was going back early I put my roast in the crock pot before I went to bed and when I got up it was done and ready to pack up.

I guess I better get back to this coffee creamer.  I was roaming around on blog hops this week and came across a recipe for homemade coffee creamer.  I found it on the blog Mrs Happy Homemaker  She has over 2 Dozen different flavor varieties.  She used sweetened condensed milk in hers but I need to have either sugar free or creamer with a sugar substitute.  I found a recipe on all for homemade sweetened condensed milk and I used my Splenda Blend in place of the sugar.

When I first read the recipe for the sweetened condensed milk, I was like are you kidding me 6 tablespoons of butter.  I did not want bits of butter floating around in my creamer.  So I did soften my butter before I put it in the blender but I wonder now if when I added the boiling water if that would have melted it anyways?  Either way my creamer is a smooth creamy mixture with out any lumps of butter.  Mrs Happy Homemaker also says you have choices as to use Milk or Cream.  I used half and half in mine.  To see Mrs Happy Homemaker blog with her recipes you can click  HERE

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk
source: adapted from All Recipes

3/4 C boiling water
6 T butter, softened
1/2 C Splenda Blend (if using regular sugar use 1 C )
2 2/3 C nonfat dry milk powder

Combine water, butter, Splenda (or sugar) and milk powder.  Blend until thickened, 2 minutes.  Store in refrigerator.

Homemade Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer
source: adapted from Mrs Happy Homemaker

1 recipe of the homemade sweetened condensed milk from above (if using store bought 1 14oz can)
1 3/4 C Milk or Cream ( I used half and half)
2 t vanilla
seeds from 1 vanilla bean (cut open bean and scrape out the seeds with a knife and put in mixture)

Mix all together.  I made the sweetened condensed milk in my blender and when I was done making the milk I just added all these other ingredients and blended well.  Keep in refrigerator.  I am not sure how long it will keep but I am guessing if you use fresh cream/half and half/milk then it would be good for 2 weeks.