Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brownie Waffle Sundae

Happy Birthday Emily.  I made this Brownie Waffle Sundae for my blogging friend Emily.  She is celebrating her birthday on her blog It Bakes Me Happy with a brownie recipe round up.  Make sure to go over to Emily's blog to see all the wonderful brownie recipes (click here to go to Emily's blog)

This brownie sundae was super easy to make.  I used a boxed brownie mix that was for a 9 x 13 pan.  I made the brownies according to the package directions.  After mixing up the batter, I heated up my waffle iron.  When it was ready I spayed the waffle iron (both sides) with Pam cooking spray.  For my waffle iron it said to use 3/4 C batter.  I put the batter on my waffle iron and cooked until it was done.  It was a little tricky to get off the iron so I unplugged mine and then flipped the brownie waffle out onto a plate.  My mix made 3 1/2 waffles.

To assemble my Brownie Waffle Sundae I scooped on a big scoop of ice cream, poured melted caramel sauce over ice cream and brownie, added whipped topping and blue sprinkles.  You can use any topping or sprinkles that you wish.


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